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     By: Tanya
    Paisley Farm CSA Saturday, 20 June 2009 22:45

    I've signed up with the paisley farm CSA (community suppported agriculture): -- basically I've purchased a share of their wonderful crops for this season.

    The first pickup was this last Wednesday, and thanks to this *wonderful* blog post (since I didn't ask at the pick-up, doh) I actually knew what all of the items were: my-first-csa-box.html

    Philip kept asking me 'What did you get?' And I couldn't answer him because I didn't know!

    I was so excited to enjoy the fresh produce, though I do need to figure out a better way to store it -- one night and the lettuces started to get a little wilty. But between Wednesday and Friday we managed to go through most of it! Wednesday we devoured the turnips raw with a bit of salt, then I cooked up the rapini (broccoli rabe) the traditional way (blanched, then sauteed in olive oil with garlic and dressed with salt, pepper, and toasted pine nuts). It was so good, HEAVENLY! Philip also put together a salad with the red leaf lettuce, yum.

    Thursday morning I whipped up an impromptu breakfast saute by cooking up a bunch of bacon and then melding that with onions, cremini mushrooms, some of the chives, the other kale (not the lacinato kale), and a couple eggs -- came out good but not mind-blowing. I should have added some garlic, it makes everything better!

    For a snack we had some prosciutto wrapped up with fresh mint leaves, and dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and ground pepper, tasty!

    For dinner I made this Feta Mint Rice: tinyurl.com/kv3k79 and a medley of the red leaf and romaine lettuces with the usual suspects (carrots, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms). The rice was good, but I had to use 2x the liquid (not sure if that is gas vs. range, but it's what works here), and I would have used a more flavorful cheese -- perhaps bleu?

    On Friday I cooked up the lacinato kale in the same style as the rapini but with the addition of the remaining chives, and served the remaining romaine with cherry tomatoes topped with crumbled up feta.

    The only item I have left is some of the mint, which I popped in the freezer. I've never tasted such strong mint before, LOVE the flavor, it even has a 'heat' like hot pepper. wow! Tasty stuff.

    Can't wait to see what this week will bring! There is a blog for the CSA here: upstatefarmsny.com