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     By: Tanya
    Misc stuff... Friday, 07 September 2007 17:55

    So I'm at it again with the Apple upgrades, this time it was Philip's iPod Mini which was suffering from the infamous iPod battery death. I ordered a battery replacement kit from iPod Battery Depot: www.ipodbatterydepot.com which was inexpensive, twice the capacity of the original, and came with tools to open up the case. Good deal. It wasn't too difficult, but I did forget to put the screws back in at first (duh), and I don't like that the top and bottom of the case are stuck on with adhesive. It worked though, and the higher capacity makes a noticeable difference.


    I really enjoyed the first season of "Flight of the Conchords", some of the episodes were uneven but some were *so* funny. I think my favorite parts were the "Too Many Mother Uckers" bit, the Serge Gainsbourg parody (I love Serge!), and the "Leggy Blond" IT girl bit. Their parodies are spot on, totally hysterical. And I saw some cool cameos too, Daryl Hall was in one episode, and there was John Turturro(!!!), one of my favorite actors, at the end of another one. Great stuff.


    Last night Philip and I attended a preview screening of the pilot episode of "New Amsterdam": www.fox.com
    a series starting mid-season on Fox which Philip has been working on. Since he's been doing 24 frame playback he's not needed on the set every day, so we were lucky enough to be able to go. I really enjoyed the show, it reminds me a little bit of "Highlander": imdb.com
    but "New Amsterdam" is less sci-fi/fantasy and more drama. Having said that, there are some pretty nifty effects, which should be spiffed up by the time of the actual broadcast.

    Some of the cast members and the executive producers attended, and they had a panel-type discussion after the screening. Zuleikha Robinson (most recently "Gaia" in Rome, she was fabulous in that) who's playing Eva Marquez in the series was there -- she's adorable, and seems like a total sweetheart. She said she loves living and working in New York (cool), but that people have come and knocked on her door I was surprised by that, NYC locals don't tend to do those type of things -- they must have been tourists! Stephen Henderson who plays Omar was also there, his character had all the best lines (imho) and he was just as entertaining talking on the panel. I've seen him off-broadway as Pontius Pilate in "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" (in which one of my faves, Eric Bogosian, played the devil), and he was great in that as well.

    After the panel they had a cocktail party in the lobby outside the theater, which was at New World Stages (a very cool space) in Worldwide Plaza right next to where I worked for Ogilvy & Mather in my first NYC job. I sampled a delicious crab cake hors d'oeuvre along with a 'Knickerbocker' (vodka gimlet), and we had a chance to chat with one of Philip's co-workers and his lovely girlfriend. I thought the "New Amsterdam" tee shirt the bartender was wearing was very cool, it had the "I NY" logo but it said "I NA" instead.

    We made it a relatively early night since Philip is back working on "Damages": imdb.com
    today. We love watching that series, it's fascinating and it has so many layers. We also just started watching "Californication" and "Mad Men" -- geez, I'm making it sound like all I do is watch tv shows! "Californication" has a lot of...well...fornication. And it seems to be a 'boobies only' show, so no joy for the ladies...hrmph. Equal time I say, equal time! (And no, a man's chest is not equivalent to a woman's chest, otherwise a show having a man's bare chest would have the 'contains nudity' flag on it.) Anyway, the show is good but not great, but they do explore some interesting themes so I'm going to stick with it for now. It does make me wonder if L.A. people are really that...bizarre? Maybe I'm just too 'east coast'...hmmm.

    "Mad Men", about 60s-era Madison Avenue ad execs, is pretty good -- I enjoyed it, but lots o' sexual themes in that too. I've observed that many series pack a lot of sex in the first few episodes, ostensibly to draw people in, then it cools off somewhat (unlike "Rome" which had sex all over the place, lol, and probably HBO's new series "Tell Me You Love Me", starting this weekend -- planning to check that out too).