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     By: Tanya
    Mac Mini 2MB Upgrade Sunday, 29 July 2007 12:40

    Philip and I got an Intel-based Mac Mini recently, for the *WOW* price of $50 -- courtesy of Philip's airline miles plus a rebate. The standard memory of 512MB did not seem sufficient though, especially since there's a possibility Philip will be using the Mac Mini for his work in the film business. I found a 2GB memory upgrade at Other World Computing: eshop.macsales.com for around $100, and they had good reviews from the Mac community so I went for it.

    Being the geek I am, I was excited by the challenge of doing the upgrade myself, even considering the many posts on the internet declaring that this is not a trivial upgrade. I primarily used the very helpful instructions here: 1008276.html . They served me well, with two exceptions. One is that the 'package' that you have to flip up, including the optical drive and hard drive, to expose the memory slots has a daughterboard connector into the bottom section. Since I didn't know it was there and needed to be plugged in, when I turned the Mac on to test the RAM I got the dreaded question mark folder. Upon further inspection I realized I hadn't pressed down hard enough for the connector to re-seat.

    The other thing was screwing the chassis back down -- three of the screws are recessed, but only two have a full 'collar' around the screw hole. The other one is open around the inside, so when I dropped the screw in, it just fell to the side inside the case. The two parts retrievers we had were too bulky to get into the recessed area, and the two screw holders Philip has (that hold the screw by inserting into the slots on the head of the screw) were too big for the teeny screw. I was finally able to get it back in by putting the mac mini on its side and gingerly nudging the screw into place.

    Taking the case off was not as tough as I expected and I managed to leave the case scratch-free, but it did require some prying with a putty knife It came off fairly easily, with a minimum of the creaking and popping noises described in the instructions. I had no trouble putting the case back on, it just popped back into place.

    A successful upgrade, and we're getting a whopping $8 back from Other World for sending them the 512MB removed to make room for the new RAM.