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This site has been under development since 2001.  The idea was to deliver content and software services through the Internet     The content is my life in picture and words.  These pictures were acquired over the years along with contributes from family and friends.  My father whom passed away in 2001 needs to be given special thanks, not only for the picture he took but instilling in me a fascination for applying new technologies for human  expressions.  My father interest  in sound started when movies were called talkies.     The technology alone can not create interest,  you need a story—I am supplying mine.    This site is the core location  to migrate all my memories to.  

Appling evolving technologies to solve real world problems fascinated me. The movie and  financial industries offered a stage to explore.them.    These industries utilized machines and eventually computers connected to the Internet.

My life has unfolding as if guided, enjoying many fullfilling experiences along the way.   John Gleason, my father, taught his children sound recording for the film business.  It was work consisting of interesting moments surrounded by spells of boredom; like driving six hours to a remote location or standing in the freezing cold waiting for the set to be ready.  The final product ending up as thirty seconds on the screen that most experience from there living room couch or a movie theater. Within the site I have compiled many pictures that chronicle the experiences and am constantly adding and refining the captions.

Learning computer software made it possible to walk off the movie set and into Wall Street,  sitting on the trading floor observing, listening and developing solutions,  mostly unsupervised, the perconal computer in the front office of financial institutions was new and  money was being made (at least that is the way it seemed at the time). I have attempted to explain here the projects worked on.

The living site offers personal content. the pgleason site explains the technology used on the site and services available. The living site has a web log and a gallery . the two are linked and comments contributed to a gallery are stored in the blog  The gallery is arranged like a file directory with groups containing pictures and text.

 the main headings of the gallery consisting of family ,work, activities and home.  These categories will change over time.  Each page has unique rights associated with it —you might discover more pictures if you logon.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. the living site offers two RSS feeds for use in news readers the gallery and web log  (blogs). These feeds include the discussion and the life with links back to the site  for the added pages. pgleason.com currently uses RSS 2.0.

I am thankful for any comments no matter how critical you might think they are.  I know the site is about me, and at times it might seem like glorifying littlebut bare with me. in the future everyone will have a site collecting their lives,  helping passing down history and  remembering what has happened.

Please explore. contribute. Their are drop down menus above the pictures that will help you navigate anywhere form life down. clicking on the picture will advance you to the next page. The idea is that although I conceived this site it will belong to us all.