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 By: Tanya
Re: Another landmark day! Thursday, 23 October 2008 14:22

Happy birthday sweetheart!

 By: Philip Gleason
Another landmark day! Thursday, 23 October 2008 07:46

Birthdays happen more often than pickets on a fence. I would feel old if not for the love a wonderful woman; Tanya enriches my life in so many ways. The past decade has given me much time to reflect. Reflection was an activity unaffordable when working on Wall Street, trying to understand the big picture.The events of the past few months indicate that I won’t be heading back there soon. Bear Stearns, my old employer was the first to go. I like to believe that it was my unwillingness to participate in the greed and distortion that booted me from the industry. What I loved about working in the financial industry was creating the engineering backbone, using math and data to make the relationship between equities clear. What ended up was creating deals that flew under the radar in the form of off balance sheet instruments. That maximized trader’s return and pushed the liability to the future. Maybe I was wrong. I could have played the game and now be better able to take of others. As for me I am better off. While working in the movie industry is nowhere near as lucrative as finance it affords me a sense of peace, the deception is the art not the swindle.