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 By: Philip Gleason
Summer update Tuesday, 31 July 2007 13:35

The reason for no posts has not I'm so busy. I have lost some of the excitement being on the net and am spending more time in real life. Before, I have been thrilled by what a technical effort can evolve into. This website is one of those efforts - A portal built to express software, thoughts and display my pictures. Maybe I will be able to regain my enthusiasm.With Tanya, life is exciting now. We share much, such as technology and personal passions. She is the reason I've renewed my efforts in this website. Tanya has set up a portal within, writing her own thoughts online. Therefore, it is time to fix a few bugs and determine what can be improved. It looks like there might be an opportunity to combine my two careers-software and video. I am scheduled to begin working on a film production that will combine both; I am excited at the prospects. Above is a picture from my high school reunion. It was great to enjoy the event with familar friends. Tanya and I had a blast.