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 By: Tanya
Home stretch...then it starts all over again Thursday, 07 September 2006 14:29

Today (and, natch, tonight) is the last day of shooting for "Perfect Christmas", which finally has an IMDB entry here: The last day was supposed to be Tuesday, but the production decided to give Saturday off for Labor Day weekend which pushed it one day, and they also added an additional day to complete all of the scenes. But even with the extra day, shooting is expected to go into the wee hours -- such is the way of filming, I'm discovering! The "days" for the last few weeks have been a minimum of 12 hours, sometimes reaching 16 hours, ouch.The set they've been shooting at for the last week and a half is pretty far into New Jersey, so the crew was given hotel rooms at a nearby Days Inn, which was actually quite comfortable. Since the hotel wasn't very far from the train, I commuted out each day to keep Philip company. Although it's a bit of a long trip, it was in fact pretty civilized and I have to give kudos to Skyview Taxi in Somerville, their service was excellent. We did manage to enjoy our sort of 'working vacation', lol. The previous weekend I joined Philip for a bit while they were filming at the Jersey Gardens Mall in Elizabeth, and I was able to see them shoot a scene with Queen Latifah (love her!), Terrence Howard and Faizon Love. The Christmas decorations were very elaborate! Someone on the crew told me that a woman came by, and not realizing that it was a movie shoot said, "They start earlier and earlier every year..." hee hee! Philip is not off the hook after today; tomorrow he has to be downtown at 7am (ugh) to load out the equipment from the shoot. And, he also has to load in for the next film he will be working on, "Christmas in New York" (yes, another Christmas movie believe it or not) which starts with two weeks of night shoots on Monday. It's an Italian film and a screwball comedy which looks like a lot of fun. It would have been nice for Philip to have a break between films, but that's the movie biz! It has been fascinating to observe, and I'm learning so much about the filmmaking process. Ho ho ho! As if we hadn't gotten enough of movies from Philip helping to make them(!), we ventured out last weekend to see "Idlewild", a musical featuring the group OutKast -- André Benjamin and Big Boi (LOVE the song "Vibrate", which they used a bit of in the film), set in the prohibition-era 30s. The film also featured two of the actors that appear in "Perfect Christmas", Faizon Love (I think that's such a fabulous name!) and Terrence Howard. I thought they both gave great performances, Faizon I almost didn't recognize because the makeup was so good, and Terrence really steals the show! We both enjoyed the movie quite a bit, it was very entertaining.