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 By: Tanya
Halfway there Wednesday, 16 August 2006 15:00

Philip is nearly halfway through the shoot for "A Perfect Christmas", having started work again yesterday after an all too brief weekend. There was only enough time to catch up on some sleep, have a couple nice meals, and venture out for a few groceries and essential supplies. Last week turned out to be much more taxing than expected. In addition to working 6 days straight the shoots ran into the wee (and not so wee) hours of the morning most of the week, culminating in a 7am homecoming on Sunday, his first 'day' off. But there were some interesting moments, like riding to lunch in the back of a stretch limo (a prop car for the shoot) due to a severe thunderstorm!Things seem to be going relatively smoothly so far; there is quite an array of personalities on set but Philip has avoided any substantial conflict. There was one equipment breakdown today, but Philip had a spare on hand so no harm was done. Fortunately we have been able to stay in touch via modern technology, IMing back and forth with our Treo 650s and various computers. Now the pattern seems to be long, long days and time-consuming commutes, leaving only enough time at home to squeeze in a few precious zzz's before heading out again. I am amazed at the stamina required to do this kind of work. I don't think I would be able to handle it! But despite having caught a slight cold, Philip is managing to get through the days (and nights).