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 By: Tanya
Working, working, working... Tuesday, 08 August 2006 15:43

Philip is back on the set of "A Perfect Christmas" as video assist today (the shoot is on a Tuesday to Saturday schedule), and he worked sound on FX's show "Rescue Me" yesterday, making for an arduous 6 day week with only last Sunday off. But he's been holding up extremely well, managing to squeeze in enough sleep in the scant hours between shifts. Yesterday was Philip's second day working on "Rescue Me" (he did another shift 2 weeks ago), and he enjoyed it quite a bit. It was the last shoot for the final show of the 3rd season. He liked all the crew, in fact the mixer he was working with had actually worked with Philip's father back in the day(!), and he had a ball riding around downtown Manhattan to various locations on a beautiful day. You can see a couple photos from the shoot here: desktopdefault.aspx