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 By: Philip Gleason
Does it still work? Friday, 27 March 2015 17:06

Returning to developing my website. This is after a long pause, I renounced technology and attempted to get myself up to speed with literature and history. What I discovered was not pretty, words can distort, without the ever expanding pie that technology offers we are all fighting over the spoils. I had enough and am finding comfort with the ones and zeros.

Does it still work? Friday, 27 March 2015 17:06

Returning to developing my website. This is after a long pause, I renounced technology and attempted to get myself up to speed with literature and history. What I discovered was not pretty, words can distort, without the ever expanding pie that technology offers we are all fighting over the spoils. I had enough and am finding comfort with the ones and zeros.

zero hour Thursday, 08 November 2012 16:32

Working on a new TV series Zero Hour. My job is to create the video screens in camera. Exploring developing on the iPad and iPhone, great fun.

Interest Sunday, 09 October 2011 17:46

life is good. might be time to add to the discussion.

Maybe I'm not closing down. Monday, 24 January 2011 17:09

lately I have been getting traffic to the site. Some of it from Russia, but thought I'd give it another shot. need to fixup the gallery after I added jquery.

Closing Down Monday, 01 November 2010 07:28

This site has been working for almost 10 years. It started off as a dream, to create a presences on the web and be freed of office or corporate identity. Knowledge is its own reward even if it turns out not as intended. And this site has failed to produce its intended purpose. I added CSS, JavaScript, flash, j query, and email but have not figured out how to develop beyond a public demo. The content was intended to reunite a family that has become distant. because of the difficulty of the interface or because of indifference, dialogs did not occur. the url will still be active, and taken in a more mobile direction. maybe the features will be folded into a new interface for the iphone, I can only hope.

Keep workin' it. Sunday, 13 June 2010 13:38

Major developments have been stirring here at the site. You can see the appearance changes. Still using the back end Microsoft software but extending the front-end with internet standards. I have been adding JavaScript for displaying picture and menus, even using Flash to upload whole directories of pictures. Explaining it the hard part but they tell me content is king.

Larry visited NYC Saturday, 16 January 2010 11:31

my friend Larry from High School came to NYC to visit, great time. Larry passed away

Summertime, I am back working on my Site Saturday, 30 May 2009 13:12

It has been a while, Now I am back working on the Site. Upgraded to visual studio 2008 and workint to take care of the issues that Tanya has found.

Another landmark day! Thursday, 23 October 2008 07:46

Birthdays happen more often than pickets on a fence. I would feel old if not for the love a wonderful woman; Tanya enriches my life in so many ways. The past decade has given me much time to reflect. Reflection was an activity unaffordable when working on Wall Street, trying to understand the big picture.The events of the past few months indicate that I won’t be heading back there soon. Bear Stearns, my old employer was the first to go. I like to believe that it was my unwillingness to participate in the greed and distortion that booted me from the industry. What I loved about working in the financial industry was creating the engineering backbone, using math and data to make the relationship between equities clear. What ended up was creating deals that flew under the radar in the form of off balance sheet instruments. That maximized trader’s return and pushed the liability to the future. Maybe I was wrong. I could have played the game and now be better able to take of others. As for me I am better off. While working in the movie industry is nowhere near as lucrative as finance it affords me a sense of peace, the deception is the art not the swindle.

keep at it. Monday, 14 January 2008 19:03

I have been neglecting this site, it runs well without any upkeep, but as time advances to becomes apparent that the site needs to evolve. Web 2.0 is now is full swing and I have yet to install the AJAX functionality. The focus is now on developing screens that look well for their delivery will be on some TVset in a movie or TV series. This is fitting justice from my days in equity research when I discovered I was a salesman not a scientist. It is time for bed, working one of the few days in the cold of winter, during a writers’s strike which might just change this business. Maybe the web will prevail after all.

Summer update Tuesday, 31 July 2007 13:35

The reason for no posts has not I'm so busy. I have lost some of the excitement being on the net and am spending more time in real life. Before, I have been thrilled by what a technical effort can evolve into. This website is one of those efforts - A portal built to express software, thoughts and display my pictures. Maybe I will be able to regain my enthusiasm.With Tanya, life is exciting now. We share much, such as technology and personal passions. She is the reason I've renewed my efforts in this website. Tanya has set up a portal within, writing her own thoughts online. Therefore, it is time to fix a few bugs and determine what can be improved. It looks like there might be an opportunity to combine my two careers-software and video. I am scheduled to begin working on a film production that will combine both; I am excited at the prospects. Above is a picture from my high school reunion. It was great to enjoy the event with familar friends. Tanya and I had a blast.

Back on the set Sunday, 25 February 2007 11:08

It looks like the weather is thawing and I'm back working on movies. This time it is a Hip-Hop pilot "Wifey". It will be a week of physically demanding work, Oh, If I only knew how good I had it on Wall Street I probably would have kissed more butt. But there are benefits-A good workout without the inflated health club prices and Star sightings so I can feed Larry some gossip. Speaking of star sighting, Tanya is taking me to see "Talk Radio" written by one of her favorite comedians Eric Bogosian, have to go.

Four months is a long time not to post Monday, 22 January 2007 09:58

I have been working video on Film production, this has interested me in developing software to managing video and audio. Tapes and DVDs were used for recording on films, the locations were extreme, for instance, driving down Lexington on a trailer, or in New Jersey working all night in the rain or filming on the A train. This requirs a system which is reliable and portable. This would not be the first time I worked at developing a system to solve a problem. Many years ago I spent long hours with a HP 9845 computer attempting to do something similar with a computer and film production. But then machines were only fast enough to manage the documentation not the audio and video signals. I never achieved that goal but the skills I learned landed me on Wall Street. Now there are indications the time is right to invest in a video platform. Intel Core 2 Duo and PCI express are faster then what had proceeded. The Internet seems to be all a buzz with video made possible with high speed connections and sites like YouTube and Google video. I ordered the small form factor PC, a Shuttle box XPC and a Black Magic Decklink video capture card as a system to achieve a portable video platform. The film industry is dominated by the Apple Macintosh but I chose to develop on the PC platform. A architecture I worked extensively with. I find projects evolve so it is not wise to lock into a restricted system. Film production and post production is moving towards high definition video. So off I go attempting to unite my film production and software experience. Because it is a good idea does not mean it will be easy. One item that is complicating the solution is DRM. Having developed many solutions with Microsoft technologies-Office,, and Visual Basic I felt the technology would be capable to handle recording of video and audio streams and allow me to customize a front end to handle the job. Fifteen years ago I was able to build office systems that streamed data back and forth from UNIX machines with TCP/IP sockets how much harder could it be? Not so easy I found out. The ease of scripting and all machines connected to the Internet makes a computer a perfect breeding ground for computer viruses. Microsoft worked to address this weakness, has been focused with security with Vista.. When Vista was finally released its security changes made many windows XP video drivers unusable. In addition to this difficulty, DRM software was added to make it difficult for content protected media to be copied from the computer. With the addition of a “tilt bit” in Vista media delivery any anomalies will destroy the signal. As it turns out what I want to do is very similar to what corporations are trying to control-video recording. For now I am working on multiple solutions, First Vista with its advanced features and DRM; Or Windows XP with compatible drives and software but not designed for real time video; Or Linux and open soft software with all the capability to do what I want but requiring heavy development to make it work. Or use some combination. Now you can see why I have not made an entry on this site. But I am glad to start for at least it is helpful to jot down the issues.

 By: Tanya
Home stretch...then it starts all over again Thursday, 07 September 2006 14:29

Today (and, natch, tonight) is the last day of shooting for "Perfect Christmas", which finally has an IMDB entry here: The last day was supposed to be Tuesday, but the production decided to give Saturday off for Labor Day weekend which pushed it one day, and they also added an additional day to complete all of the scenes. But even with the extra day, shooting is expected to go into the wee hours -- such is the way of filming, I'm discovering! The "days" for the last few weeks have been a minimum of 12 hours, sometimes reaching 16 hours, ouch.The set they've been shooting at for the last week and a half is pretty far into New Jersey, so the crew was given hotel rooms at a nearby Days Inn, which was actually quite comfortable. Since the hotel wasn't very far from the train, I commuted out each day to keep Philip company. Although it's a bit of a long trip, it was in fact pretty civilized and I have to give kudos to Skyview Taxi in Somerville, their service was excellent. We did manage to enjoy our sort of 'working vacation', lol. The previous weekend I joined Philip for a bit while they were filming at the Jersey Gardens Mall in Elizabeth, and I was able to see them shoot a scene with Queen Latifah (love her!), Terrence Howard and Faizon Love. The Christmas decorations were very elaborate! Someone on the crew told me that a woman came by, and not realizing that it was a movie shoot said, "They start earlier and earlier every year..." hee hee! Philip is not off the hook after today; tomorrow he has to be downtown at 7am (ugh) to load out the equipment from the shoot. And, he also has to load in for the next film he will be working on, "Christmas in New York" (yes, another Christmas movie believe it or not) which starts with two weeks of night shoots on Monday. It's an Italian film and a screwball comedy which looks like a lot of fun. It would have been nice for Philip to have a break between films, but that's the movie biz! It has been fascinating to observe, and I'm learning so much about the filmmaking process. Ho ho ho! As if we hadn't gotten enough of movies from Philip helping to make them(!), we ventured out last weekend to see "Idlewild", a musical featuring the group OutKast -- André Benjamin and Big Boi (LOVE the song "Vibrate", which they used a bit of in the film), set in the prohibition-era 30s. The film also featured two of the actors that appear in "Perfect Christmas", Faizon Love (I think that's such a fabulous name!) and Terrence Howard. I thought they both gave great performances, Faizon I almost didn't recognize because the makeup was so good, and Terrence really steals the show! We both enjoyed the movie quite a bit, it was very entertaining.

Halfway there Wednesday, 16 August 2006 15:00

Philip is nearly halfway through the shoot for "A Perfect Christmas", having started work again yesterday after an all too brief weekend. There was only enough time to catch up on some sleep, have a couple nice meals, and venture out for a few groceries and essential supplies. Last week turned out to be much more taxing than expected. In addition to working 6 days straight the shoots ran into the wee (and not so wee) hours of the morning most of the week, culminating in a 7am homecoming on Sunday, his first 'day' off. But there were some interesting moments, like riding to lunch in the back of a stretch limo (a prop car for the shoot) due to a severe thunderstorm!Things seem to be going relatively smoothly so far; there is quite an array of personalities on set but Philip has avoided any substantial conflict. There was one equipment breakdown today, but Philip had a spare on hand so no harm was done. Fortunately we have been able to stay in touch via modern technology, IMing back and forth with our Treo 650s and various computers. Now the pattern seems to be long, long days and time-consuming commutes, leaving only enough time at home to squeeze in a few precious zzz's before heading out again. I am amazed at the stamina required to do this kind of work. I don't think I would be able to handle it! But despite having caught a slight cold, Philip is managing to get through the days (and nights).

Working, working, working... Tuesday, 08 August 2006 15:43

Philip is back on the set of "A Perfect Christmas" as video assist today (the shoot is on a Tuesday to Saturday schedule), and he worked sound on FX's show "Rescue Me" yesterday, making for an arduous 6 day week with only last Sunday off. But he's been holding up extremely well, managing to squeeze in enough sleep in the scant hours between shifts. Yesterday was Philip's second day working on "Rescue Me" (he did another shift 2 weeks ago), and he enjoyed it quite a bit. It was the last shoot for the final show of the 3rd season. He liked all the crew, in fact the mixer he was working with had actually worked with Philip's father back in the day(!), and he had a ball riding around downtown Manhattan to various locations on a beautiful day. You can see a couple photos from the shoot here: desktopdefault.aspx

 By: Philip Gleason
It begins Tuesday, 01 August 2006 17:55

Back in the fray, first day getting back into the swing of working on a movie. it looks like I'll get some sleep tonight, tomorrow promises to be a long day-so good night for now.

 By: Tanya
Christmas in August Tuesday, 01 August 2006 13:51

Philip started working today on a movie titled "A Perfect Christmas". Apparently several people who were involved in "The Cookout" are also involved in this movie, and Eddie Murphy's brother Charles Q. Murphy is one of the stars. We watched "The Cookout" over the weekend and thought it was enjoyable. Fortunately, it being a Christmas movie there's not a high likelihood of any outdoor shoots in the scorching New York heat -- it has truly been insufferable outside this week (although there's the danger of a set with poor or no air conditioning, ugh!). Hopefully it won't be too grueling, and Philip will be able to post some photos and commentary like he did on "Gardener of Eden" (check it out here: desktopdefault.aspx

 By: Philip Gleason
from the Treo Saturday, 29 July 2006 12:12

After doing the shopping at Fairway-stocking up for the month long effort working on Perfect Christmas. We have ducked in an establishment to take refuge from the heat. EMO radiating from the speakers, a peaceful break in the action. Walking from 74th & Broadway to 83, four bags with swiss gruyere and hot italian sausage we truged through the hot street to arrive at our oasis. This day might be the last of uncostrained living while business must be achieved. but purpose is the true joy, functioning with others, building art to be enjoyed by many. must conclude and get back to the business at hand , Living.

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