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 By: Philip Gleason
Howard Stringer Saturday, 12 March 2005 16:18

Sir Howard recently became CEO of Sony Corp. I knew him when he was a TV producer and then executive producer at CBS Reports. It has been interesting watching his career unfold. My first contact with him was on a documentary about the FBI in Atlanta. The work always got done, even with his casual approach. One point, while trailing the FBI in their cars we discovered Howard was left fifty miles away while he ducked in to take care of business. Working for him was never too stressful and always enjoyable.

Howard always took time off to live with an outing to Breanne’s for Sunday breakfast and then holding down lunch as I descended in the Rollercoaster with him and Dan Rather, The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging away at a highway side hotel pool, him reading cheap history novels and me studying up on video.

Howard was one of the people who made me realize a manic dedication to work was not the only route to success. I later traveled with Him and Andy Lack to China to film the Boston Symphony. We were sure to schedule an authentic evening out in Peking for duck. Howard at this time was the executive producer but could not pass up the opportunity to visit the far-east. I recently read in the Wall Street Journal it was as a result of a contact he made on the job that introduced him to the people at Sony.

By this time he must have been thinking about his future, which brought him the presidency of CBS News and later the whole network. His thoughts must were not on producing for during the final shoot in a packed stadium in Peking with the Symphony playing John Phillips Sousa “Stars and Strips forever” Howard forgot to cue the cameras to roll on the second stanza. It did not seem to harm the production for the documentary went on to win a number of awards.

I recently bumped into him at the Conservatory Gardens at Central Park were he was strolling with his family. I was aimlessly walking alone after my divorce and was comforted by his warm welcome. I wish Sir Howard well with his new job.

Time marches on. Friday, 11 March 2005 18:08

I have been neglecting my blog, but not the site. I did not think anyone would be interested in my wining, so I have gone to work building up the functionality and entering many picture in living. It seems the more you do the more you need to do. I am hoping to turn the corner on this site. When I worked for the corporate masters, the projects were never completed yet each year they made money. They had hit a vain of rich ore and every effort was applied to fulfilling the demands of those who were paying. Going it alone requires navigating towards a future vision. You need to design what has not been done. I am attempting here to combine rich content, my life, with advanced technology, my site. Marshall Mcluhan said the media is the message. I want to dissolve all boundaries between the containing media and the content within.

January Effect Sunday, 30 January 2005 20:01

I have figured January is the month to suffer through. Lost loves and loneliness seem to go hand in hand with the cold dark weather. Its predictability makes it all the more bearable; now dismiss the negative feeling that comes over me as a seasonal issue. Today, first time in a long time, there was a warm ray of sun that fell on the snowy ground; giving hope spring is just around the corner, a time when the joy of life just bubbles over. I love and I hate that these feeling well up in me, but wound not swap them for the cold rational armor that I have set aside.

It has been forever! Friday, 28 January 2005 09:37

It has been a while since my last post, the day before Christmas to be exact. It has been hard for me to express myself lately and I have been working on the gallery. This effort is a construction of my past in pictures and text. Lately my emotions have been boiling over. This has been disconcerting for someone whom has always had a reason for every action. Or should I say rationalization. I always obeyed the wishes of those I associated with and worked hard to comply. That is until I couldn’t any more then some crisis would transpire to free me. Last night I called someone in the middle of the night. My emotions were so strong I needed to reach out. This is new territory for me, it was not a reaction to being cornered it was a need that I had which I imposed upon a friend. Maybe an ex friend but it gave me relief.

Hello you beautiful think. Tuesday, 25 January 2005 18:41

you are so smooch-smooth. thanks for browsing baby.

 By: Chaka Peters
comment:Preparing for Holiday Meal Monday, 24 January 2005 20:17

who took that pic

comment:Central Park in Winter Monday, 24 January 2005 20:15

take pic of the recent snow strom

comment:Central Park in Autumn Monday, 24 January 2005 20:14

how about the rest of the seasons?

comment:New Years Celebration Monday, 24 January 2005 20:14

yeah, u look pretty drunk there...c---->p

 By: Philip Gleason
Day before Christmas Friday, 24 December 2004 11:44

It has been forever since I last posted here. Since then I have all but lost faith in making this successful. I opened up my ecommerce store to an underwelming response. The only traffic to the store was from the meager efforts I did in marketing the web site. I have come to the conclusion that promoting this effort is the major key to its success. There are still some things that I see that need work, but I am convinced that the real improvement will come from responding to the customer not perfecting something that no-one can appreciate. I wish you all a happy holiday, and look for cards and emails in the new year urging you to participate and make this effort a true success.

Election Day Tuesday, 02 November 2004 05:51

It is Election Day and time to vote. Not living in a “swing state” my vote will not be critical in putting into office the next president but I am looking forward to partaking in this greater communal activity. The Internet and voting still has a way to go before becoming effective, it was not easy getting information about voting. The Online Poll Site Address Locator is under construction and I could not find a sample ballet or even what my district is. I know I will find it so I am not too concerned.

I have long removed myself from the category of undecided and have placed my vote for change. I do not clearly put myself into a political party and find virtues in both underlying perspectives. I can remember when I first started working on Wall Street, I registered as a Republican. Coming from a background of trade unions and collective bargaining I was voicing my defiance and rejecting the need to be protected from the forces of capitalism. Young and successful it seemed clear to me that lower taxes and less government was a good thing. Not only was it self interests that motivated me, I felt your life was in your hands, you would work hard to survive.

Since there has been a republican in the White House my life has gone through a complete change. I can not hold the commander in chief responsible for the death and illness that has visited my world or even that I can no longer see the world trade towers out of my living room window. But the divisiveness in the world and in the neighborhood is a reflection of how we have been governed. Reagan had a conservative agenda; he seemed to be effective, Carter was a democrat and lost control. So you can see I am not firmly in one camp but believe we benefit from the dynamics of both. And now we have ventured to far in one direction, I believe, and need to reestablish our balance as a nation, the polls open in ten minutes so I better get ready.

Perception Sunday, 31 October 2004 01:57

I had convinced myself that circumstances and feelings are separate. Looking back on the good fortunes in my past, I can still remember how troubled I had felt over what now seems insignificant. The days of the past were surrendered to the future in the faith that the effort would insulate our family from doom. Nothing can assure that protection. In 2001 my life was visited by events of biblical proportion, sweeping out my security like the coming of locus. I had never experienced such lose before. But rather then causing despair, it opened my eyes to living. The wonders of being in the present and working with out worry were enthralling. The focus was still on achievement and contributions, but life’s pleasures were now expanded to include the senses of my body. Like the accomplishment of a well cooked meal or the beauty of a run on an autumn day I could feel the payoff.

I now had an understanding and will fear death less because I finally lived. This thought has a nagging question; would my life be more secure if I was still troubled? The evidence around me does not support that point of view. I still see people squandering their precious moments with anger and depression when hardships inevitable befall them. I might be squealing like a pig and cursing out everyone I have ever known when true disaster strikes me, but please give me these minutes to rejoice in my life while I can.

The lost world Saturday, 30 October 2004 11:10

I’m sort of an absent minded guy. I estimate that I spend five percent of my life, searching for lost items. The two items that are at the top of my list are eye glasses and keys. The reason I mention this is that I have spent the past forty-five minutes searching for my reading glasses. The primary thing I miss about not having a wife is that she had an uncanny ability to know exactly where they where, sometimes in my more suspicious moments I thought she hid them. But now she is gone and so are my glasses so I must own the blame. I have come to accept that no matter how conscientious I am about remembering I will still be searching for lost items, I must have not been born with that gene.

I have adopted a coping strategy. by accept this activity as long is it does not occur too frequently. When I start searching I also start tidying up. On this last search, I started the dishwasher, picked up my cloths and vacuumed in front of the couch. Cleaning up helps me discover the lost item so I feel I am on plan. I had just picked up the last pair of socks and conceded out loud they were lost, when I happened to look below my desk and low and behold, glasses!

Polar Express Monday, 25 October 2004 10:03

I've been making changes to the site in general. This weekend I purchased a Sunday New York Times. I once subscribed, but found that I was spending too much time reading the paper. What struck me while I was reading the Arts and Leisure section of the paper was an article on the soon to be released file "The Polar Express". What makes this film unique is the way that it was made. It is a true bridge between live action and computer animation. A remarkable achievement if pulled off correctly. Which leads me to the point that I noted, It was mentioned that sometimes the Gee-Whiz technology makes the audience forget about the performances. We all have seen those films, amazed by the visuals yet confused by the store. "The Lord of the Rings" got it right. And my project has required a similar balance. I have been visualizing what I need to build, controls to show pictures, a web log to have it easy to enter streams of words. Now I need to put some effort into the content and how the visitor experience unfolds.

King of the City Friday, 08 October 2004 15:10

With intense curiosity I asked him, “How did you become the King of the City?” and he told me, “there was a great struggle. I forsaken everything I had to pursue my craft. Waking before the sun and toiling long every day, hardly watching the clock tick. Bills piled at the table and I avoided the mundane request of my friends and family to complete the vision. Then it all happened with a knocking on the door, a man in a suit holding up a white piece of paper. With in weeks I was where I am today, 5th Avenue and Central Park South.” I handed him a dollar and went on my way.

Using the tool Thursday, 07 October 2004 21:07

I’m still trying to figure it out whether you predict your fate or choose it. There is something familiar with my present life. When young, I was the canvas and life was painted on me, too busy to understand how it as it unfolded. The strings were being pulled and I was happy to dance to the songs. The music stopped for now and I stand at the top looking out at the valleys. Are they opportunities or hazards, much time for reflection but it is now the time to take the lead, to move out and know that what brought me to this day has properly prepared me for the challenge.

Updated the blog Thursday, 07 October 2004 16:37

Now you can see a little picture, my picture. It seems that everybody is clamoring for graphics. Now you can upload your own image. To do this you need to be a registered user. You can edit your details by clicking your name in the upper left of the screen. On the edit user form there is "upload icon” find a file on your computer that you want to select. The image will then be uploaded to the server. it will be resized and made available to represent you in your blog entry. It is that easy... Now it is also possible for anonymous users to post a message The message will require review before posting so you will not see it immediately.

ding dong down the road Wednesday, 06 October 2004 09:21

Oh those sweet temptations. Yesterday I was contemplating the reemergence of a modern day dark ages. Life is not predictable, every once and a while there is an abrupt change in circumstances, a depression, a war, a comet smack dab in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I am mostly an optimist who is getting ready for the second coming, all will be revealed! But maybe who ever is coming might accidentally step on us like an ant on a sidewalk. It was all too much for me; I needed to find some relief to help carry me through to my normally rosy self. I had lost interest in my environs lately with its multi screen sport bars and depressed patrons. Staying at home has allowed me to be more productive, adding content and structure to this site.

Last night I broke the fast and journeyed out. I choose the closest most convenient establishment. In the past I have found the place light on customers, which would have suited me fine for this quick stop. But I found the place jumping with a lively mix of internationals from the nearby youth hostels and locals like me. As I stepped up to the bar I was greeted by the lovely Miss Rheingold, An enchantress with the image of super woman framed on her right arm. The tattoo was like instructions on the side of a prescription “open with care! Explosives inside!”

I knew I had embarked beyond my protective world and this would not be another night of watching the semi translucent display of sports scores. And I was not disappointed, the political conversation was much more engaging and intelligent then I have come to expect. The consensus was overwhelmingly anti-Bush. I played my normal role as antagonist, questioning how one person can cause so much harm, and stating he is only reflecting the consensus of the people. I did not want to be branded a Republican in this city by the sea, so I treaded lightly with my words which were already handicapped by the beer and lack of practice.

I was corrupted by the company, wanting to be more charming then right. With a pit stop and a hasty exit I managed to reclaim my autonomy and catch the end of the VP debates. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the work. Life is good!

friday again Friday, 01 October 2004 15:25

I still have not updated the code on the site. New ideas continue to create more and more features, so I delay until they are build. But there is another reason I have not produced a release. This week has been more social then most recently. I saw my brother and I had the pleasure of watching the first debate with a good friend and his wife. His circumstances place him about fears for his own survival but he has concerns for the average person. He thinks this world is in for a shocker due to the greed and incompetence of those in control, sometimes this is difficult to listen to, like having someone tell you are going to die.

The issues are many, A war we can not win, a country without friends, debt which will bankrupt us and smart international competition that is willing to work harder and earn less, Enough to make you reach for the bottle of Jack Daniels. But I do my best to put an optimistic spin on the facts, hope being readily sought out by those without bountiful resources. I suggest that the future stands ready to solve the problems we inherit from the past. I say we are experiencing the growing pains of the inclusion of the third world in the bountiful world of industrialized counties. I don’t know if he is convinced but it makes me feel better to have an answer.

Working on the Software. Wednesday, 29 September 2004 16:02

I had a relapse back into my coding brain. I am making this module more capable, combining it with the email module and adding categories. I wished I could add a spell checker, but that I think will require uploading word documents, which crossed my mind.

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