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82nd Street Apartment

I lived in this apartment from about 1975 to 1990 before I moved into the Coop. This apartment was a duplex, two rooms on top of each other, the lower room being in the basement. There was a little storage room that extended under the front door; it was a small storage room dark, wet and dreary. One night I heard a noise coming form the room, then another. I had been infested by rats. They because bold and at one point they would wake me up by walking across the headboard of my bed. I finally had enough, and mounted a counter strike, poison was the weapon of choice, the body count was twelve. I sealed up the hole and never had another rat. This apartment was where GCI began, It had access to the street so equipment could be loaded in and out. At one time it was protected with a perimeter security alarm. This changed when I married my first employee and the office was move to a 5000 square loft on twenty forth street. Other notable tenants of the apartment building were Ann Smith who would come over to be sociable. She studied with Martha Graham and had a successful older sister. There was also a nice court detective who would report back to me any strange goings on that she might have observed with a woman whom I was with. O yes then there was the homosexual man whom my wife encountered in the laundry room three days before our wedding and she returned in tears. I went to defend her honor and ended up being served papers. He pasted away a few years later with AIDS.