The living site discusses some of my interests. investigating the news and the volatile economy I believe that to succeed with technology it is important to understand the context in which it is developed. Many promising and cleaver technologies will not prosper because of overriding events that are taking place in the world.  To best protect the future I hope to explore these topics and develop a clearer vision as to were we are heading. 

This web project began in 2003. It was a dream to be able to post work and software on to the internet in an effort to deliver skills and to circumvent the political midfields that are present in corporations. corporations which were home for many years. The goal was to take some of the skills learned working in financial derivatives, foreign exchange and equity research and apply them to a broad audience. Right from the start this plan faced many challenges. First of which was a number of family troubles. And of course, the world was set on end by numerous difficulties that seemed to target specifically these efforts: finance, computers and New York City were all hit hard by a wide based slow down. These issues could have been managed if not for the technology itself becoming almost unmanageable. Now with a constant parade of service patches, a relentless focus on security and a barrage of spam. people were being driven away from the internet. The story is not over, like earlier technologies that preceded the internet. The railroad, typewriter or phone became truly forces of change when they were given enough time to mature. When they developed there ability to reach out between people and communicate and project use to others. The efforts have been refocused on trying to learn the forces that are underway today. Religion, Economics and need to be studied during this time while the technology is in transition. A voice has to emerge to float upon this new platform. history shows that cultures respond in quite profound ways after new methods are discovered to communicate with. We have yet not been able to effectively harness this new development in technology. It is humbling to attempt this. Developing algorithms that define a mathematical or financial problem is easy compared to working on illuminating the dilemmas facing us at the start of the twenty first century. I am hopeful we will find answers We will find answers if we all reach out and communicate with our abilities and our thoughts. I am planning to steer this project towards web logs and applying media of sight and sounds. If you have gotten this far then you have read my intent. I thank you for that, and will remain committed to conveying and sharing what can be possible.

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