The PGleason portal promotes web technologies. This is accomplished with words, pictures and functions, The site itself consists of many technologies. Each portal, page, tab and other component of the site can allow read and edit access based on the users roles. 

Ajax  This site was developed with Microsoft's with an effort to apply web standards for a rich client experience through the browser.  During the initial development of the site the Internet Explorer has not been pushed forward by Microsoft, security concerns affected the progress but also an interest by the company to migrate the users to the rich client of there office products. 

Google's interest in delivering a rich experience through a standard browser has solidified an approach.  They accomplished this using existing features   Document Object Model, JavaScript, XML and XSLT and other technologies. 

This and the gaining popularity of the Firefox browser helps assure to acceptance of the browser as a delivery media for richer and richer content.

This site is built with multiple pages. Each pages contains a number of modules. Their are modules for communicating messages between the different users and their are modules that create a shopping cart and bridal registry. The top bar consists of an site image in the upper left corner. in the center on the top or icon that display when the category is applicable. first is the home icon that navigates you back to the first page, then there is the mail icon that displays if you have mail on the internal mail system. then the shopping cart and bridal registry.

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