I post my blog on this Discussion page. The page also allows other entitled users to post their threads and comments. Anonymous users postings will need to be approved before they are visible.

This module renders a group of message threads on a specific topic. Discussion includes a Read/Reply Message page, which allows authorized users to reply to existing messages or add a new message thread. Anonymous

New threads are created by clicking Create New Blog at the top, if you do not see the icon next to the heading ask your administrator for create write permission for the discussion mod.

The Discussion Module uses a site feature called Labellink that enhances the visual appearance of the text. Access to the features are explained below.

To Create a new paragraph offset from the prior text enter two carriage returns when creating text.

To Hide text for long threads enter three carriage returns. this will conceal the rest of the thread. pressing the hyperlink Show » will display the rest of the text.

URLs entered with the text will be converted into links opening the Site or Email in a new window.

If the URL is a graphics file (jpeg or gif). the image will be displayed in the text.

Type the escape text #fieldid=xxx# to link to the Gallery. The xxx visible in the address line, is the number of the field item that follows the text fieldid= . This method of linking will not open a new window.

Common MSN Emotions have been added to help illustrate the text. To ask questions about these features and other issues about the site send us a message by clicking the Contact Us at the top of the page.

Emoticon Description Type
Smile :-) or :)
Surprised :-O or :o
Wink ;-) or ;)
Confused :-S or :s
Crying :'(
Hot (H) or (h)
Angel (A) or (a)
Don't tell anyone :-#
Nerd 8-|
Secret telling :-*
I don't know :^)
Party <:o)
Sleepy |-)
Thumbs up (Y) or (y)
Beer mug (B) or (b)
Girl (X) or (x)
Left hug ({)
Vampire bat :-[ or :[
Red heart (L) or (l)
Red lips (K) or (k)
Red rose (F) or (f)
Camera (P) or (p)
Cat face (@)
Telephone receiver (T) or (t)
Note (8)
Star (*)
Clock (O) or (o)
Snail (sn)
Plate (pl)
Pizza (pi)
Auto (au)
Umbrella (um)
Computer (co)
Stormy cloud (st)
Money (mo)
Open-mouthed :-D or :d
Tongue out :-P or :p
Sad :-( or :(
Disappointed :-| or :|
Embarrassed :-$ or :$
Angry :-@ or :@
Devil (6)
Baring teeth 8o|
Sarcastic ^o)
Sick +o(
Thinking *-)
Eye-rolling 8-)
Coffee cup (C) or (c)
Thumbs down (N) or (n)
Martini glass (D) or (d)
Boy (Z) or (z)
Right hug (})
Birthday cake (^)
Broken heart (U) or (u)
Gift with a bow (G) or (g)
Wilted rose (W) or (w)
Filmstrip (~)
Dog face (&)
Light bulb (I) or (i)
Sleeping half-moon (S)
E-mail (E) or (e)
MSN Messenger icon (M) or (m)
Black Sheep (bah)
Bowl (||)
Soccer ball (so)
Airplane (ap)
Island with a palm tree (ip)
Mobile Phone (mp)
Lightning (li)
Update Return