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Title: Christmas in August
Author: Tanya
Date: Tuesday, 01 August 2006 13:51

Philip started working today on a movie titled "A Perfect Christmas". Apparently several people who were involved in "The Cookout" are also involved in this movie, and Eddie Murphy's brother Charles Q. Murphy is one of the stars. We watched "The Cookout" over the weekend and thought it was enjoyable.

Fortunately, it being a Christmas movie there's not a high likelihood of any outdoor shoots in the scorching New York heat -- it has truly been insufferable outside this week (although there's the danger of a set with poor or no air conditioning, ugh!).

Hopefully it won't be too grueling, and Philip will be able to post some photos and commentary like he did on "Gardener of Eden" (check it out here: desktopdefault.aspx